Landrum Rear Conventional Spring 5×14

Landrum Rear Conventional Spring 5×14


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Coil springs are the most common used spring in most all motor-sports today. The reason is because it is very easy to change the component as well as check the rate, unlike leaf springs and some total hydraulic shock suspensions. Furthermore, with the incorporation of the coil-over spring/shock type suspension, the coil spring and shock ratio is close together and operates as one unit. Of the many components that can be changed on a race car chassis, the coil spring change brings about one of the most adverse effects on a chassis.
When choosing a brand of coil springs several issues should be addressed.
The quality of the material being used.
The design of the spring.
The type of end the spring has.
The true rate of the spring, not just a tag denoting “theoretical” rate.
Correct markings
Does it have actual print outs of each spring (data sheets)?
Standardized testing procedures.
Are their hidden cost in the spring purchased?

CORRECT MARKING: Having a spring with the correct markings is very crucial. Most companies incorporate a metal tag denoting the “theoretical rate” of each spring. These theoretical rates are just that, “Theoretical”. Knowing that every spring has its own characteristics, Landrum Spring, engraves the exact rate of each and every GOLD COIL to 1/10# For instance, a J200 (5″o.d. x 13″tall x 200# coil spring) may be engraved 201.8.
SERIAL NUMBER: Having a spring that has its own serial number is important. Every GOLD COIL has its own dyno sheets incorporated in its box when leaving our facility. If a user was to lose their sheets then we should be able to pull the data up at a later date. Furthermore, if in the event that there is a spring failure, we can trace the spring’s history and make up all the way back to the wire source. This is important due to the fact that some springs may be in various warehouses, dealers and chassis shops for up to two – three years before reaching the race team.

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